Teach with Cambridge

Webinars for Teachers in Southern Europe


Wednesday 1 November 2023: Primary webinar
10.00-11.00 ‘Integrating critical thinking with receptive & productive skills’ by Ally Kensington
11.00-12.00 ‘Expanding young minds with the Super Minds Second Edition course’ by Ally Kensington


Wednesday 8 November 2023: Secondary webinar
10.00-11.00 ‘The importance of communicative grammar’ by Claire Ross
11.00-12.00 ‘Developing writing through THINKing’ by Maria Stefanidou


Registration link: https://share.hsforms.com/1HkAiOklUQpOV0jVdAMz2bg3iz8b

Full webinar programme: https://pages.cambridgeenglish.org/hubfs/EMEA-UKIEEMETA/EMEA%20-%20Greece/SE%20Teach%20with%20Cambridge%20-%20webinar%20programme%20.pdf